I would:

Create multiple, awesome ads to use for email campaigns and banner placements..

Design an intriguing lead capture page..

Use an irresistible free offer (like free advertising to thousands) to funnel in red-hot leads..

Build you a money making list of your very own that you can send any and all of your offers to (just like the top dog marketers do)..

Tie it up and top it all off with an incredible sales offer that continuously pumps more and more cash into your pocket.

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My Online Money Making Concept

Here's what I believe you need to do to make money online:

1. Build an opt-in list of your very own that ONLY YOU can mail to.
2. Earn an income WHILE you build your list.

Basically, if you asked me to help you build an Internet business system of your own, I would do all of the steps that are all incorporated for you here.